The future plan

Hi! This is me, from Pakistan. Nowadays we see heartbreaking scenes on every second news channel of the world like; BBC, CNN, Dwtv, Aljazeera, and like this kind of world news channels.

No doubt, that war is a very heinous crime against humanity. I Condemn every kind of war and every part of this world; like Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Because in every war innocent people suffer; mothers lose their sons in the shape of soldiers, wives lose husbands and sisters lose their brothers. Hundreds of thousands of people don’t know why they are dying. But this series of wars is continue from day one to this modern age. I am a soldier, and I have participated in this kind of war. Now I do want to change my plan. I have experienced that military life is not a good job Because you have to do what order was given to you, although you do not perform this order.

How Digital Marketing help small businesses

This is the age of digital marketing. Use of digital devices have changed the businesses. Now days to success a business digital marketing play a key role. With the help of digital marketing not only we target our local customers but reach international customers. No doubt digital marketing is a back bone to boost a business.

What is digital marketing

In simple terms refer to the marketing that is related on digital platforms.

Like social media Facebook, YouTube, Email, WhatsApp and other online resources.

Digital marketing is very effective way of reaching target customers. with the use of this tool every business can know the variety of audience, type of needs, new trends, and ups and down of market. This is not only a way of conveying of a product to target customers. it is a complete way of running a business with all factors that are compulsory to become successful of a business.

Fortunately, there are available dozens of hundreds of tools available like Google, Facebook, google advertising and more for your choice. With the help of digital marketing, we are available 24/7 online and everywhere visible in the world. We build a strong relation with our target consumers. This tool helps a business to produce required products for their consumers. So digital marketing is a tool which we become more productive, personalize, and more confident to a business.

Digital marketing for small business

Digital marketing is an effective way of reaching to all customers of large- or small-scale businesses. A small business become more successful when use a digital marketing tool.

Explore it with an example of a small business of cloth shop. When we use a social media like Facebook mostly local customers are already present in business owner contact list and they use Facebook. If business owner takes a picture of new purchased item and post on Facebook. Then it is more predictable that customers will contact to purchasing a desired products and they can order to purchasing online or offline. If traditionally we sale 20 products and digitally sale 10 products then a business can boost volume. this is only a one way of to help boosting a business. So digital marketing provides effective opportunity and help for both large or small businesses. engaging customers on social media when they purchase a product online next time, they keep in mind your online store and it is possible that they will come again.

What is better; job or business?

Hi there! hope you will be enjoying your life. The world is already facing a global pandemic Covid-19 and nowadays another downstream humanitarian crisis is ahead in the shape of Ukraine’s war. Today is Monday, and I’m sharing this content because my profession is the same as Russian or Ukrainian soldiers.

But I don’t like so much this profession.